This was a lockdown weekend to remember … Will

The idea to livestream for 24 hours non-stop had been forged after recently coming across a brief obit I had written of Will’s passing in an old Chelsea FC programme, alongside a ticket stub the last time I had seen him alive – 25 years ago last month.

And so to a weekend spent largely on my feet playing music and staring down a live webcam in an office shed. Only in lockdown.

I wasn’t sure how this would all pan out. There were a few raised eyebrows – ‘Has he got that bored in lockdown?’ … ‘pretty weird idea!’ the general gist – but I knew that over 24 hours, momentum may be the winner. Never did I envisage that over £6,300 would be raised for a brilliant charity (you can still donate here).

The Saturday afternoon entree thankfully passed with no glitches. England lost in the rugby. Time to hammer the disco, funk, electronic section. A long 6pm-1am slot.

The comments section alongside the stream was now providing a wonderful connection with all who watched. The journey wouldn’t have been the same without it. A real motivator.

The last seconds tick down

It was hard to keep up with all the brilliant ramblings from all the Will-iebers, but it was clear that the usual Saturday evening monotony we currently live in was being broken!

‘Possibly the most fun we’ve had in the kitchen for about a year,’ wrote one kind donation supporter.

As the UK viewers slowly peeled off, the Asia Pacific market began to log on. Much needed. 3-4am – starting off with a KLF request of course (thanks to a pair of Charlies) – was the toughest period.

Yet, the comments still came in, even one from an early hours bathroom caller checking up on the stream. Thanks, Simmo.

The music was down tempo from 4-7am and perhaps the lack of beat added to the slow going. My Monday feet blisters may well be worse if I had prevailed.

As the UK awoke, I received an early message from a friend, the family clearing out the home of her late father as they listened to the stream. From friends, Will’s family and friends, old acquaintances and new, thus began a wondrous morning fueled by comments. People were out dog walking, gardening, hoovering, in the car via bluetooth, preparing lunch, listening and grooving!

One pal on his fitness bike to the livestream

My wife was providing buoyant updates and generally geeing things up as the 10am slot dedicated to friends of WWMT and Le Loop took hold. This really was the moment to celebrate Will’s life and the power of music hopefully added to the occasion. It was an uplifting, emotional and joyous ending.

Thanks to every kind supporter – in all, there were over 2,000 views on the livestream – I won’t forget the last days of February 2021.

* As the whole comments section didn’t save, I no doubt missed contributions of what people were doing or how you were listening during the 24 hours. If you want to share anything, please do below. Or email me. It would be great to get a sense of the occasion.

** The near-to-complete tracklisting of the 24-hour set can be found on Spotify here

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